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tl;dr: I produce quality content about Financial Technology, CyberSecurity, AI, IoT, Big Data, VR/AR & anything else that comes from the future to change the way we work. Contact me.

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George Hopkin
Journalist & Editor.

About Me

What I do.

Hello - I'm a media professional with more than 25 years of experience working on newspapers, magazines, TV, web, mobile, search and social. Pixel or print, it's all about the stories.

I moved into business journalism early in my career because that's where the coolest, most dramatic stories could be found. Business articles are inherently gripping...if they are told well.

Today, I write compelling content about complicated concepts, including Financial Technology, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Big Data and Virtual/Augmented reality.

That's right, a winning hand of buzzword bingo! There's nothing wrong with buzz - that's what quality content is for.

Content Services

Areas of expertise.

I've been writing popular science content my entire career (an essay on artificial intelligence helped land my first staff newspaper job) and know how to weave tricky details into entertaining narratives. I can help with any of the following smoking-hot topics:

Financial Technology

Money and technology - what's not to love? It's clear to see why the world demands to know everything there is to know about bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and how this remarkable technology is going to save the world...unless the whole thing is a huge scam, right? High stakes, high drama and simply staggering amounts of cash make for fascinating tales of finance.

AI & Machine Learning

A true pop-culture favourite: will an army of self-built robots powered by general artificial intelligence free humanity to live a life of peace, culture and harmony? Or are we destined to become food, power or pets, depending on your sci-fi references? The world might not be ready to welcome its robot overlords, but the people want to read about their progress. So they can be ready.


The world is becoming more vulnerable. And that isn't about to change any time soon, because the stakes get higher every day. As more of the world's most essential services and utilities become reliant on a global internet, companies, law enforcement and entire democracies need to keep one step ahead of cyber-terrorists and criminals. Good guys have to be right every time. Bad guys, just the once.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Critics and jaded experts have dismissed augmented and virtual reality technology as a bunch of poorly-executed gimmicks for decades. They had a point. It could be terrible. But the fact is consumers are sold on the tech - they're simply waiting for the hardware companies and app developers to get their collective acts together so they can star in their very own Ready Player One.

Internet of Things

We're seeing the fragmentation of the Internet in our time, an abrupt shift to a more granular distribution of nodes connected by a meshed network of platforms. Data pours from smartwatches, while pets and pensioners are tracked by the same spy-grade technologies. The Internet of Things will play a central role in some jaw-dropping cybersecurity and Big Data stories, because today, Big Brothers are everywhere.

Big Data & Analytics

With the Internet came the data - and there was a lot of data. And each day, more data. More clever smartphone apps? More data. It looked like the world was going to drown in meaningless, disparate, disconnected silos of ones and zeroes. Then a new breed of data scientists emerged with a new approach and skillset that allowed them to make sense of the chaos. And as we stare into the stormcloud of data, we see some ugly things.


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I'd love to hear from you - please send me a message using this form or the email addresses you'll find beside it. Recruiters: It is very kind of you to think of me, but I am not currently looking for new roles - cheers!

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